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This page details the terms on which you may use our website, whether as a guest or customer. Review the terms carefully before proceeding further. By continuing to use the site, you indicate that you have read these terms and accept them.

Transactions Facilitated by This Site

1.1 Our role is to function as an introductory agent for cleaning service providers. We are authorised by the providers to enter into contract with you on their behalf. To do this, we take your booking enquiry, allocate the booking to an available Provider, and send you an email to confirm the details and direct you back to this page.

1.2 When you indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions, you will be agreeing to a contract between you and the Provider.

1.3 This contract is between you and the Provider, who solely assumes responsibility for the provision of services. These service terms and conditions are legally binding once you indicate agreement.

1.4 Our cleaning company will continue to be your main point of contact while the Provider is providing their services. We will also process all non-cash payments on behalf of the Provider.

1.5 Responsibility for provision of the cleaning services rests solely on the Provider. We take no responsibility for the provision of agreed-upon services.

Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 We are the sole owner of all intellectual property rights on this site. These works are protected by copyright laws, and all rights are reserved.

2.2 You may print one copy of any page(s) from our website for personal reference, but you may not modify these printed or digital copies. You may also not use any photographs or graphics that accompany the text.

2.3 Our cleaning company Haringey must be identified as the author of the material on this site.

2.4 You cannot use the content on this site for profitable purposes without asking for permission to do so.

2.4 No materials on this site may be used for commercial purposes without a license.

If you have any further questions or you want to ask us about our cleaning prices, please contact us on 020 3912 1183.

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